Devices for extending the range between the meter and gateway

In a lot of installation, the range between meters and gateways are often greater than the range of the signals. In order to address this problem, LANSEN has developed a complete range of OMS compatible wireless M-BUS devices which are specifically designed to extend the range between meters and gateways. By using our products, your total installation cost becomes cheaper and more robust to disturbances. Using Lansen Range Extender and Lansen Repeaters will increase the range considerably between your existing gateways and meters.

OMS Wireless M-BUS Repeater

LANSEN OMS Wireless M-BUS Repeater retransmits packets from your meters, thus increasing the range between gateways and meters.

Key features of these devices are:

  • Easy installation – Ready right out of the box
  • Extend the range between meters and gateway
  • IP 67 enclosure for outdoor mounting
  • Super long battery lifetime (10+ years) or internal AC/DC
  • Highly configurable to meet all demands
  • Multihop support for extended range

Wireless MBUS Range Extender

LANSEN Range Extender is connected between your gateway and its antenna to enhance the received signal.

Key features of these devices are:

  • DIN rail mount
  • Super easy installation – no software needed
  • Seamless installation between antenna and gateway
  • Will give up to 2x the range or more
  • Extensive filtering against LTE/GPRS etc.
  • Support AC and DC

Wireless M-BUS Range Extender

Increasing the performance of your existing gateway.

Wireless M-BUS range extender
LAN-WMBUS-FAMP868 (Standard version)
The LANSEN Range Extender drastically increases the receiver performance of the gateway. This device supports the wireless M-BUS protocol EN13757-3/4:2013 S1-M, C1 and T1 and is also compatible with OMS (Open Metering System).

Our device is seamlessly mounted between the antenna and the gateway using standard SMA connector. The device is DIN mountable and can be mounted either vertical or horizontal depending on version. The robust shielded enclosure with high quality components together with clear LED indications ensures easy installation and long service life.


The device amplifies the wanted signal and filters out disturbances such as 4G, LTE, TV, and WLAN. By using this device, the wireless range of the gateway can be increased up to 2x, and even more if used in areas where the disturbances are high.

The extended filtering of the incoming power ensures that the device will operate optimal independent of power source.

The range extenders are available in two versions:

  • LAN-WMBUS-FAMP868-LP (Low Profile)
  • LAN-WMBUS-FAMP868 (Standard)

For more information, check the table below or the [datasheet], or contact us.

Article nameDescription:
LAN-WMBUS-FAMP868Mounting on narrow side for smallest width
LAN-WMBUS-FAMP868-LPMounting on the broad side for smallest depth

Next generation Wireless M-BUS R3 Repeater: Multihop-support, higher sensitivity and longer range

Increase the range between meter and gateway using these highly configurable high performance repeaters

Wireless M-BUS Repeater ACDC
LAN-WMBUS-R3-M (Mains powered repeater)
Wireless M-BUS Repeater ACDC
LAN-WMBUS-R3-B (Battery powered repeater)
Our mains or battery powered Wireless M-BUS Repeater is a highly configurable plug-and-play repeater for extending the range between meters and gateways. Our repeaters either make use of high performance internal antenna or support up to two external antennas for even greater range, depending on the model. Furthermore, our advanced collision avoidance algorithm minimizes problems with collisions and data repetition to ensure data from meters reaches gateways.

To achieve maximum range, our repeaters can be used in a multihop system thanks to supporting up to three jumps – All while still complying with the OMS Wireless M-BUS standard.

The enclosure of the repeater has been designed to make it as discrete as possible to avoid sabotage. Furthermore, the enclosure meets the requirements for IP67, thus allowing the repeater to be mounted both inside and outside of buildings.

The repeaters either have two internal high performance antennas (one vertical and one horizontal) or one to two external antennas, depending on the model. If the internal antennas are used, then data is sent once on each antenna, thus giving repeaters and gateways the best possibility of recieving data which is of huge benifits, especially in buldings where longest possible range is required.

Every minute a message is sent from the Wireless M-BUS Repeater containing information about the number of routed packages, the number of routed slots used, and software revision. This message can be used as an indication that the device is functioning and to see the load on the repeater. Furthermore, this message is used for time synchronizing in a multihop system.

The battery lifetime is highly dependent on the time the device is listening/sleeping. The listening/sleeping time can be configured to allow for longest possible lifetime, for example, 10 minutes listening once per day or 2 minutes listening every hour.

Configuration possibilities
All devices are ready to use right out of the box without any configurations. They can also be configured to fit specific needs, such as:

  • Start time (Transmit data once a day at a specified time)
  • Listen timer (how many minutes to retransmit data before sleeping)
  • Pause timer (how many minutes to sleep before transmitting again)
  • Suppression timer (how many minutes before data from a specific device should be transmitted again)
  • Meter manufacture filtering
  • Multihop with static routing

All configuration information is maintained even during battery change and powerloss.


The Wireless M-BUS Repeater is available in two versions, mains or battery powered, with optional customization:

For more information, use the table below, check the datasheets above, or contact us.

Article nameExternal SMAHardware frequency filteringDatasheetTyp. sensitivity (S-mode)/(T- & C-mode)
LAN-WMBUS-R3-MNoNo±0.5sec/day[Link]-109/-105 dBmNoNoStandard230VRepeater
LAN-WMBUS-R3-M24NoNo±0.5sec/day-109/-105 dBmNoNoStandard24VRepeater
LAN-WMBUS-R3-M-LRNoEnhanced±0.5sec/day[Link]-111/-108 dBmNoEnhancedEnhanced230VRepeater
LAN-WMBUS-R3-M-LR-XYes (1x)Enhanced±0.5sec/day[Link]-111/-108 dBm + antenna dBmYes (1x)EnhancedEnhanced230VRepeater
LAN-WMBUS-RX3-M-LR-XYes (2x)Superior±2sec/day[Link]-113/-110 dBm + antenna dBmYes (2x)SuperiorStandard230VRepeater
LAN-WMBUS-R3-BNoNo±0.5sec/day[Link]-109/-105 dBmNoEnhancedStandardBatteryRepeater
LAN-WMBUS-R3-B-LRNoEnhanced±0.5sec/day[Link]-111/-108 dBmNoEnhancedEnhancedBatteryRepeater
LAN-WMBUS-R3-B-LR-XYes (1x)Enhanced±0.5sec/day[Link]-111/-108 dBm + antenna dBmYes (1x)EnhancedEnhancedBatteryRepeater
Key features
  • Extend the range between meter and gateway
  • IP 67 enclosure for outdoor mounting
  • Super long battery lifetime (10+ years) or internal AC/DC
  • Optional multihop support for extended range
  • Suppression timer to minimize traffic
  • Installation mode (route all data)
  • Easy wake-up using a magnet to keep the device active during installation phase
  • Internal dual antennas with optional external antennas