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    Innovation-driven open standard wireless products for measuring, monitoring and control of buildings.

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In today’s society the threat for wellbeing is not always visible. To ensure air quality for living and working is a relevant issue in public areas such as schools and offices. We offer a genuine CO₂ sensor specially developed for commercial premises. Infrared technology and two antennas for best range. Connected with Wireless M-Bus or mioty with superior battery life.


Swedish innovation

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True co2 sensor

What makes us different?

  • Swedish innovation

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We are here to future-proof the communities of tomorrow

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it. At Lansen we are in the forefront of innovation. All products are carefully developed, designed and tested at Lansen Innovation Center in Halmstad, Sweden.

Products and functions for different needs

  • Utilities/Metering

    Our complete range of OMS compatible wireless M-Bus devices is specifically designed to extend the range between meters and gateways. Collect the data from your buildings for a more efficient and sustainable property management.
  • Building Control

    Get control over the energy consumption patterns in your properties. Get real time insight about the indoor and outdoor environment. Invaluable plug and play products for automatization and steering.
  • Sub-metering

    Decrease energy use and increase living quality, measure and take control over the indoor climate. Increase ventilation and optimize the level of carbon dioxide - for better air quality, comfort and safety.
  • Invisible - ignore

    Decrease energy use and increase living quality, measure and take control over the indoor climate. Increase ventilation and optimize the level of carbon dioxide - for better air quality, comfort and safety.

Built to last, on the highest wireless open standards

Our products have sophisticated, sleek discreet design and are easy to install. Beneath the shell you will find cutting edge technology with various functions. Top of line quality, always. Just plug-and-play right out of the box.

Sensors family


Our bespoke collection of ultra low-powered wireless M-Bus (OMS) and mioty sensors are made with highest engineering skills and top of the line, environmentally friendly materials. Super easy to install and world class quality. Always.
Infrastructure family


The range between meters and gateways are often greater than the range of the signals. We offer a complete range of OMS compatible wireless M-Bus devices, specifically designed to extend the range between meters and gateways. Decrease the total installation cost and increase robustness to system disturbances.
Accessories series


Our broad range of accessories increase the areas of usage and gives the opportunity to adapt and customize the usage to a wide variety of desired functions. Find the right accessories for your needs.

Lansen Online

A secure plug and play encryption management web platform that allows fast and secure installation through automated encryption pairing. Simple and secure as it should be.

With Lansen Online, customers have a separate account with multiple user accounts. Lansen Online is a combined space where each customer’s encryption keys for all devices is gathered in one place.

All devices delivered is automatically stored in Lansen Online which makes it easy for the customer to access information and encryption.

Key features:
1. Search for individual devices to get the corresponding encryption key for the devices which fits the information in the search field
2. Export a CSV-file with all information shown on the page
3. Automatic process to collect encryption keys through API access
4. Add devices manually, e.g., adding meters/sensors from third party
5. Encryption key management system for the customer’s customer by
assigning specific devices to your customers
Patrick Simpson

Innovating the market since 2004

Our innovation platform goes back to 2004 back when we were developing high-quality security systems. As an innovator in wireless alarms, most of our efforts was developed in two technology areas:

Security - to enable identification of disturbances and secure data flows.

Power efficiency - to transmit a lot of data (climate, visual) on high- and low bandwidth, while using ultra low power usage. Want to read more about why our innovation approach matters?
Patrick Simpson, Founder

Meet some of our customers

  • Stockholm stad logo

    Better air quality in Schools

    Stockholm City has installed 3.000 of Lansen’s CO₂ sensors across all high schools in Stockholm. Through easy installation and AI management, the indoor climate is now under control - improving the air quality every day for 10,000 youths and simultaneously reducing the energy consumption. - SISAB, Stockholm City’s Schools
  • overview repeater coverage in the municipality of Alingsås

    100% coverage and fewer units - with Lansen’s Repeaters

    In the municipality of Alingsås, Sweden, all water meters are remotely read every hour. Our customer had problems to collect data from meters out of free sight placed in basements. The solution, the Lansen OMS Repeater that pushes the measurement values from the meters in a multi-hop chain to the Gateway. The results? 100% coverage and a satisfied customer.
  • Digitise your residential buildings with metr

    Digitizing and reducing CO₂ emissions in Berlin

    Metr Building Management Systems GmbH, a PropTech from Berlin in Germany, use the sensors from Lansen to digitize older analogue heating and hot water systems and are connected to the intelligent platform “the m-gate”. The sensors expand the measurement points and collect a more substantial amount of data - for real time tracking, optimizing the energy consumption and possibility to repair damages before the tenants' living comfort is affected. By digitizing the systems, metr supports the housing industry in operating their buildings more energy-efficiently and reducing CO₂ emissions.