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Whenever there is need for wireless expertise Lansen Systems is your partner. The company have been developing and manufacturing battery driven sensor systems for more than 10 years.
IOT devices such as Wireless M-BUS devices and highest security wireless devices are part the portfolio. As part or our expertise we can tailor made our products to perfectly fit your desired needs. With state of the art hardware design, proven software and elegant design we are confident that we have what you are looking for.
Lansen is a European hardware provider focused on submetering and wireless solutions.

We design and manufacture smart metering products mainly built on the Wireless M-BUS and OMS standard. We provide products with our brand as well as customized OEM products.

Highest quality and innovation is our keywords.

Our goal is to make hardware for your services.
Martin Hallberg Sales Manager

Smart metering sensors

High quality Wireless M-BUS sensors according to OMS. Battery life, perfect building quality is key features of these products.
Temp, Smoke, CO2, Humidity, Pulse etc.

Smart metering range extending devices

Products for extending the range between the meter and the gateway.
Repeaters, filters, amplifiers.

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M-BUS Products
Vermin detector,  Temperature sensor,  Moisture sensor,  Pulse counter,  Smoke detector,  Leakage detector,  Door and Window detector, Range Extenders, Repeaters etc

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