Passion for innovation for future-proof communities

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it. At Lansen we are in the forefront of innovation. You can be assured that the products that hit the market are carefully developed, designed and tested at Lansen InnoLab in Halmstad Sweden. 
Using our heritage from security with industry leading experience and knowledge of metering and long battery life, we deliver full wireless solutions for measuring, monitoring and control of buildings. 
In 2004 Lansen was founded on the idea that impactful, value-creating innovation needs to be relevant to the customers, differentiating versus competition and make a measurable impact on people and society. Our approach is to be innovation driven, creative, iterative and dynamic.

The beauty of platform-driven innovation

The R&D discoveries that is of great importance within security products - extensive battery life-time and high quality components, is still at the heart of the development for all our products that we launch. 
Today all hardware and software development is offered through a couple of Innovation series in order to meet clients’ needs of today and serve future needs. Each innovation serie is based on a set of stable, well-tested hardware- and software components that support variety and evolvability in a system by constraining the linkages among the other components. They are flexible and dynamic in the sense that functions can be easily be added according to your needs. The outcome - well tested, cost efficient customized products for our clients. 
Lansen has various innovation series on the market, each with a clear defined and unique offering. 

Impactful customer-centric innovations

In order to create breakthrough innovations our work is based on platform innovation strategy. When developing a new innovation series, we always strive for a golden duality of performance and meaning. Each series is based on a specific set of customer needs, and consequently possess its own framework - for highest level of technological push and user-centric design.

The benefit of scalability

Our innovation strategy imply dynamic innovation platforms with easy customization of features/ applications according to the customers’ needs. Each innovation series has approximately 2 years of R&D of effort invested by Lansen’s innovation team. We are flexibly and easy to work with and always looking for a request that push the level of innovation forward.