Download software and firmware for various producs

The latest firmware version for the sniffer and configuration dongle LAN-WMBUS-D1-TC and LAN-WMBUS-D2-TC can be downloaded here: LAN-WMBUS-Dx-TC firmware v11.5.0


Sometimes the device LAN-WMBUS-D2-TC is not recognized by a computer. In this case the necessary drivers needs to be installed manuallt. The driver is called "CP210x Windows Driver" and can be found here: SILABS_DRIVER


Sometimes the device LAN-WMBUS-D1-TC is not recognized by a computer. In this case the necessary driver needs to be installed manually. The driver can be downloaded here: FTDI_DRIVER


The latest verion of the software Lansen Configurator with configuration possibilities for repeaters, MQTT bridge, outdoor pulse counter, indoor pulse counter, MODBUS converter, built-in wM-Bus sniffer and more can be downloaded here: LansenConfigurator_v1.6.2.0


Old version still avialable here: LansenConfigurator_v1.1.1.0

Old version still avialable here: LansenConfigurator v1.1.4.1 

Old version still available here: LansenConfigurator_v1.4.0.4

Old version still available here: LansenConfigurator_v1.6.0.2

Old version still available here: LansenConfigurator_v1.6.1.0