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    The traditional business as usual approach that relies on a strict baseline designed to protect the status quo, will not make it anymore. We have created an iterative culture that deliver change using the most effective technologies. In our development process, we look for and evolve critical outcomes to our clients rather than focus on producing a broad range of products.

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/Infrastructure (repeater)

A complete range of OMS wireless M-Bus devices

We have developed a complete range of OMS compatible wireless M-Bus devices, specifically designed to extend the range between meters and gateways. Thus making the installation more robust to disturbances and decreasing your total installation cost.


Our OMS Wireless M-Bus Repeater retransmits packets from your meters, thus increasing the range between gateways and meters.

Key features:
  • Easy installation – Ready right out of the box
  • Extend the range between meters and gateway
  • IP67 enclosure for outdoor mounting
  • Super long battery lifetime (10+ years) or internal AC/DC
  • Highly configurable to meet all demands
  • Multihop support for extended range
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/Air Quality

Let us introduce: A complete family of Air Quality Sensors

During the last couple of years, we have devoted and intense effort to develop the AIR Series Good airflow, temperature and humidity is not only relevant for the living quality but for people’s health.


CO₂ sensor (LAN-WMBUS-E-CO2)
A true innovation for a better indoor climate. A true CO₂ sensor that measures carbon dioxide content in air, temperature and humidity - specially developed for commercial premises. Infrared technology and two antennas for best range. Connected with Wireless M-Bus, and as always - superior battery life.


Key features:
  • Easy installation – Ready right out of the box
  • Transmits the instant value, the average hourly value, and the average 24-hour value
  • Automatic calibration for accurate CO₂ measurement
  • Superior battery lifetime (16 years)
  • Highly configurable to meet all demands
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