The time of openness and standards

We’re in this together you know. We have a strong believe that smart sustainable communities are built on openness and standards. It goes deeper than metering solutions, it’s about giving customers the freedom to choose according to their needs, to connect products and services from different manufacturers.
Going forward, Open Metering System (OMS) is a main fundament on the market. OMS is an open, vendor independent standard for meter communication based on the Wireless M-Bus protocol and becoming the standard in more and more countries.
With its high level of encrypted safety and operability with different manufacturers, OMS and WL M-Bus makes the natural choice.


For customers using other technologies than OMS, we do offer possibilities and connectivity. Please see our range of bridges and repeaters here.

/Lansen is a member of the OMS group and the MIOTY alliance.

Measurement techniques




The Open Metering System (OMS)

The Open Metering System (OMS) is the only system definition across Europe which integrates all media (electricity, gas, heat and water incl. submetering) into one system. It was developed by the industry to guarantee a future-proof communication standard and interoperability between all meter products.  Ref:


Read more about OMS here.



Lansen supports the OMS specification for both Wireless M-Bus and Wired M-Bus to deliver products with long lifetime, long transmission range and verified *interoperability. The Wireless M-Bus standard is defined in EN 13757 and the interoperability is guaranteed in the OMS specification. Furthermore, the OMS/Wireless M-Bus stack is developed inhouse for best performance, battery life and reliability.


All Lansens sensor have been tested with the OMS conformance tool.


Read more about wireless M-Bus here





The MIOTY technology

MIOTY is a software based low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol that was developed to overcome todays and future wireless connectivity limitations. With its best-in-class reliability and scalability, MIOTY is designed for massive industrial and commercial IoT deployments.


The core invention behind the MIOTY technology is the Telegram Splitting Multiple Access (TSMA) method. As defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI TS 103 357), Telegram Splitting splits the data packets to be transported in the data stream into small sub-packets at the sensor level.



Lansen is one of the first companies in the world that supports MIOTY specification to give exceptional long range, robustness and long battery lifetime. First out is the combined CO₂, temperature and humidity sensor that was launched end of  2020. Lansen will during 2021 migrate the complete product range to also include the MIOTY protocol. Furthermore, the MIOTY stack is developed inhouse for best performance, battery life and reliability.


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