Problem solving series, posted 9 March 2023

Make your wired meters wireless – with Lansen’s converter

Wired infrastructure solutions use thread to connect all meters and sensors in a building. However, wired sensors can limit both range and flexibility in many cases. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem - Lansen’s Wireless M-Bus converter.

With our converter you can easily read out information from wired M-Bus meters and transmit the data wirelessly using the M-Bus protocol. This means that existing infrastructure can live on and data collection can continue with maintained security. The converter is available from 4 meters/16 loads to 500 meters/32 loads.


All converters in the series are mains powered and can be easily integrated into any M-bus infrastructure. The device will, as default, transmit a status message on regular intervals containing information about the current M-Bus load, number of connected meters, overloads, supported meters and more. The received information will then be transmitted using the Wireless M-Bus protocol, in this case the long packet format (0x72). By default, the converter encrypts all payloads.


The antenna diversity is important to prevent losses due to different polarizations, especially indoors. The converter therefore takes advantage of both horizontal and vertical polarizations, either with one external antenna or two high performance internal antennas, depending on the model. This maximizes the range while minimizing multipath problems.


The converter is a versatile product that can be used to solve different types of range issues connected to wired metering. Apart from collecting data from water- electricity- and heating meters, the converter can also be used to read data from charging posts for electric cars for example.


Our partner Ecoguard, who connects, measures, and visualizes measurement values for property owners across the Nordics is an example of this. With the help of our converter, Ecoguard has helped customers collect and transmit data from wired charging posts to their backend system “Curves”. This has allowed the customer to accurately charge the total usage of electricity amongst tenants.


“ One of our customers, a Swedish property management, repeatedly works with the concept of using wired garo charging posts, a collection unit and Lansen’s converter to transmit the data from the charging posts to curves, our visualization of measurement data. An advantage of the converter is that it can easily read 2-20 charging stations, which is the usual number of stations many property managements install to their properties.”

- Ecoguard


As showed, there are many ways a tool like the converter can come to use. If you are interested in learning more about how you can implement our converter in your wired M-Bus metering solution, contact our sales team here, or discover our range of converters here.


If you are located in the Nordics and is interested in learning more about Ecoguard and the many services they offer, visit their website here.