Article, posted 13 December 2022

Product highlight: Micro repeater

Lansen’s micro repeater ensures coverage for all meter readings by collecting data from sensors and meters located in hard-to-get areas on a smaller scale. With an easy installation and discrete design the micro repeater is the perfect complement for making your infrastructure solution complete.

The wireless M-Bus Micro repeater from Lansen is a highly configurable device perfect for collecting data from hard-to-hear meters and sensors in an existing system, or for smaller installations. The Micro repeater can be either battery or mains powered. With a small enclosure and a plug-and-play installation the micro-repeater is a simple solution or complement for solving smaller range problems.


To take advantage of both horizontal and vertical polarizations the repeater makes use of two high performance internal antennas mounted at 90 degrees. This maximizes the range while minimizing multipath problems.


The battery powered repeater use a high-performance lithium battery to ensure the longest battery lifetime possible. The expected battery lifetime is ten years with default configuration. Our repeaters are also highly immune to electrical disturbances that can be generated by LED lights for example.


Lansen’s advanced collision avoidance algorithm minimizes problems with collisions and data repetition. To ensure proper functionality, a randomized delay is used before repeating data. Even though the Micro repeater is meant for a smaller number of meters and sensors compared to our other repeaters, the micro repeater can manage up to 100 devices.


The repeater supports both short and long transport headers, as well as extended link layer 1-4. Our Micro repeaters can also be configured to retransmit non-OMS wireless M-Bus data which makes the device easy to integrate with an existing infrastructure solution. The Micro repeater can also be used to convert between different wireless M-Bus modes, for example, T- or C-mode to S-mode.


Multiple parameters of the Micro repeater can be easily monitored such as:

  • number of minutes to be active/not active

  • specific time during the day to activate (e.g., at 12:30)

  • specific days to be active (e.g., Mondays and Wednesdays)

  • suppression timer (limit number of packets per meter)

  • meter filtering (e.g., manufacturer ID or whitelisting)

  • append RSSI value of received data

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