Wireless M-Bus/mioty CX TH

Introducing the next generation of our compact series

CX-TH is our new temperature and humidity transmitter. This is a new version of our current LAN-WMBUS-C-TH. Much care has been taken to design a sleek, good looking device with high security and performance. 

  • Lifespan of 14 years typical, standard configuration and operating temperature. 
  • Competitive price level.
  • The on-board humidity sensor is highly accurate, with typical accuracy of ±2%RH.
  • The on-board temperature sensor is highly accurate, with typical accuracy of ±0.2°C.
  • The design allows for discrete integration when mounted in a home environment.
  • Measures temp/humidity frequently (every two minutes).
  • Sends out data frequently (every two minutes) which allows better building control.
  • Ready out of the box - activate with magnets and it's ready to use!

Posted 2022-09-15