Next generation of wireless M-Bus R4-repeater

Our OMS WIRELESS M-Bus Repeater retransmits packets from your meters, thus increasing the range between gateways and meters, and is highly configurable to meet all possible demands. Our repeaters either make use of a high-performance internal antenna or support up to two external antennas for even greater range, depending on the model.

Key features:

  • Daily/hourly readings - 10 years+  battery lifetime
  • High performance antennas- Internal deversity
  • Mulithop support  for extended range between the repeaters
  • Highly configurable to meet all possible debmands or Plug and play installation
  • IP67 enclosure for outdoor mounting
  • Low latency package transmission technology
  • Multihop support for extended range
  • Support encryption mode A, and B and legacy products

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news article
Posted 2021-05-06